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Automotive Repair and State Inspections in Skowhegan, Maine

Turcotte's Garage in Skowhegan, Maine, is proud to be your source for automotive repair and state inspections.

Auto Mechanic Work
No matter what the automotive issue may be, our auto service diagnostics will find it and our expert technicians will repair it. This diagnostic process is accurate and quick. In it, our professionals will check components including:

• Axles
• Ball Joints
• Spark Plugs
• Electrical Systems
• Cylinder Heads
• Clutches
• Engine Blocks
• Cooling Systems
• Exhaust Systems
• Heating Systems 
Car, Automotive Repair in Skowhegan, ME

Routine Maintenance
In addition to our repair services, our center also offers routine and preventative maintenance including:

• Tire Balancing • Tire Rotation • Tune-Ups • Shock and Strut Service • Brake Jobs

Rebuilding Alternators
Your car's alternator is basically a generator which your engine uses to supply electricity to the car and charge the battery while the engine is running. In older cars, the alternator is one of the first components to fail. Since a car usually requires a certain voltage in order to operate properly, when the alternator no longer generates enough voltage, it takes its toll on the battery. In addition to alternator failure, the battery can also fail in this situation.

To fix alternators, drivers often buy new ones. However, rebuilding your car's alternator saves you money and no one does it like us.

Rebuilding Starters
The starter motor is the source of mechanical energy that begins the vehicle's ignition process. It uses electricity from the battery to crank the flywheel. Numerous problems can arise when your starter motor fails, making motor repair extremely difficult and tedious. Fortunately, our experts can correct this problem, starting your car quickly and efficiently.

State Inspections
Mandated by the government, this inspection ensures that your vehicle conforms to regulations governing safety and emissions. This is required once a year and our center is licensed and certified to conduct this testing.

Contact us in Skowhegan, Maine, for all of your automotive repair and state inspection needs.