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Electric Welding and Transmission Flushing in Skowhegan, Maine

Entrust your vehicle's performance to Turcotte's Garage in Skowhegan, Maine, and our expert electric welding and transmission flushing services. Our professionals will get you back on the road safely.

Electric Welding
Electric welding uses electric heating, making it possible to produce temperatures that would otherwise melt any existing metal. This method does not alter the composition of a material and it is easily controlled. There are dozens of electrical welding methods that protect metals from oxidation. In addition, the shielding of gases and fluxes, hallowing, and process automation further work to reduce future rusting.

Auto Repair, Transmission Flushing in Skowhegan, ME

Automatic Transmission Flushing
A transmission fluid change usually involves draining the fluid and oil pan and replacing it with fresh fluid. A flush replaces all of the transmission's fluids.

Before a flush procedure, our auto service typically has the driver run a solvent detergent though the transmission. This releases varnishes and dissolves impurities. After this is done, the fluid is then pumped out through its cooler lines while fresh fluid is drawn in.

Fluid Replacement
A flush replaces all of the transmissions fluids, including what is in the torque converter and lines. This can be as much as ten quarts whereas a change may only replace the three to four quarts that is in the pan.

Safety and Time Frame
Transmission fluid flushes are not recommended for vehicles with old, discolored, or burnt fluid. This is because the new fluid will cause transmissions clutches to slip, resulting in immediate failure. Because of this, fluid flushes are best suited for newer vehicles that have gone less than 30,000 miles since their last fluid change.

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